This week the class heard the stories of the death of Baldur and Ragnarok, the end of the world. The class worked on their editing process and also learned how to write a more concise paragraph. This was very difficult for many of them because they love to write in detail! We also began working on math “puzzles” to challenge the way we look at problems. Students are working on breaking a problem down into steps before they attempt to solve it, and also to decode what a word problem is really asking you to find out without getting tricked.

Students began meeting with their book club groups and have started to set a pace for how many chapters they must read a night in order to finish their story on time. This week we also began double-dutch during Circle. The students have not gotten the hang of it yet, but I know we will get there soon!

Our week

This week our class picked up where we left off from our Norse Mythology block. We retold the story of Loki’s children, which will play a very important role in the twilight of the gods. The students are practicing the editing process in order to polish their writing. They are also practicing something else very important; working with one another and accepting feedback on their writing. We will be spending the next few weeks reviewing this process as well as how to correctly use proofreading symbols. We will also be covering how to correctly use dialogue and quotation marks in writing.

This week we have been very lucky to have some amazingly beautiful weather. We took advantage of the sunshine and went on a nature walk yesterday, while today we had Circle outdoors. The children are practing the skill of learning to jump rope in Circle, both individually and with partners. We are hoping to move on next week to double-dutch! This is a great skill that helps them with their movement, but also with working together. The students have been doing a fantastic job cheering each other on and working with one another to decide how they can take the skill further (like spinning around while jumping or jumping in and out). It is great to see how something as simple as jump rope can build community in the classroom!


Thank you so much to everyone who helped make our pancake breakfast a success today! We received so many borrowed and donated items that it simply would not have been possible without you all. Thank you to everyone who was able to make it today as well. It was a wonderful event that the kids are so proud of.

Norse Parent Breakfast

Today we finally reached our event that was a month in the making! The students have been preparing for our breakfast all week, working on fractions and reviewing measurement. On Monday and Tuesday students were given fractions and they needed to find their equivalent in order to color in a small grid in their main lesson books. On Wednesday the class was given a grid with 100 squares that they needed to create a picture out of, and then find the fraction for each color. They also needed to add 40 to their highest fraction in order to create a mixed number.

Yesterday we began preparing for our big feast, with each student practicing how to make pancakes. We were even lucky enough to get a demo lesson from Miss Kate! We arranged the classroom and reviewed what each person’s job was. Today the class was buzzing with excitement while we made the last few preparations! The students did a fantastic job, and took their roles very seriously. The chefs made excellent food, the servers were very attentive, and the budget and decorating committees jumped at the chance to help wherever they could. After everyone left, the students finally sat down to enjoy their own feast! We had so many extra eggs that they were also able to have scrambled eggs with their meal. The success of a wonderful block coming to a close made it even sweeter.

Next week we will pick back up with our Norse Mythology stories and writing, and the students will begin working with their groups in book club.

Items Needed


Thank you to everyone who has helped out getting us ready for the pancake breakfast on Friday. I will be making a final trip to the store tomorrow, but I have gotten e-mails from many families asking if there are still items we need. If you are interested in bringing something in we still need:




-oatmeal (1 container)

-rice milk (for the allergy free pancakes)

-vegetable oil

-1 carton of eggs


Thank you again for all of your help. Friday is going to be a very fun learning experience for the students and I know they are looking forward to it!

Understanding Equivalency

This week the class took a slow approach to really understanding what equivalent fractions mean. On Monday the students used gems to represent groups when making fractions. They worked with partners and were given chalk to write fraction equations on their desks, and manipulatives to group. The students did a wonderful job supporting each other during partner time. On Tuesday the class wasn’t quite ready to move on to our next topic, adding fractions with unlike denominators, so we spent the rest of the week examine the concept of equivalent fractions. The class looked at drawings, manipulatives, rainbow charts and even cut out pieces of paper to understand this concept. On Thursday we had a restful snow day, and by the time students had returned they convey had clicked for them! Even one of the students said they needed to “sleep on it” which, if you are familiar with Rudolf Steiner, is amazing to hear!

Next week we will be finishing out this block and moving on to adding fractions with unlike denominators, as the class is finally ready to work with this idea. Friday is our Norse Parent Breakfast, and the kids will eagerly be preparing all this week for it! If you are interested in bringing in items, we are still in need of pitchers for water, spatulas and ladles, and extra griddles to make the pancakes on. We look forward to seeing you there!

Our week with fractions and measurement

This week the students got hands on experience building equivalent and improper fractions. We used both pie and bar manipulatives in groups, and when given a fraction the students had to recreate it on their desks. In our stories, Addy and Minar begin mixing vials together inside of a warlock’s laboratory. Unfortunately, Minar chooses the wrong potions and they create an improper fraction monster in a cauldron. Luckily Addie is able to re-scramble the monster, making a mixed fraction.

The class also has been doing work during their math workshop time in order to convert measurement. On Monday the class was given a small amount of sand and different measurement tools. They then needed to figure out how many teaspoons were in a tablespoon, and then how many tablespoons were in a cup. Students quickly discovered they did not have enough sand to fill up a whole cup, but they did have enough for 1/4 of a cup! They needed to use their knowledge of fractions to ultimately get their answer.