Prepping for May Faire

We have had a full house this week, housing the students in Mrs. Moore’s class who did not attend Kroka. It has been a very busy week, with students working in groups to start their animal projects and finish our May Faire auction item. On Monday we had a presentation going over how to use google slides, so that all children could become familiar with the program. We also learned about the fox, and used a rubric to inform our writing in order to be more cognizant of spelling, grammar, capitalization and word use.

Today we had an amazing presentation from the Mountain Laurel Waldorf School of New York. Students played recorder and string instruments, and was a great way for our class to see what they are capable of in just a few short years if they put in the time and effort.

Just a reminder that money for Kroka is due on Monday if you are interested in purchasing or renting any items. Please note that water bottles and stuff sacks are provided by the school. If anyone else is interested in coming in on Friday to help check the students’ bags I would greatly appreciate it.

I hope to see everyone tomorrow at May Faire! It is going to be a beautiful event, and let’s cross our fingers for sunshine 🙂

PSSA week 2- complete!

This week certainly zoomed by for our class. On Monday our class went on a field trip to the National Canal Museum at Hugh Moore Park. We had so much fun! First the students went on a boat ride up and down the canal, pulled entirely by two mules. Then we broke up into groups and visited various stations. The class got to see a blacksmith make s hooks, wash laundry, blow into a conch shell and pull the canal boat itself! Unfortunately we were in such a rush to leave ( we had quite a surprise fire drill in the morning!) I left without bringing my camera, so I was unable to document in pictures just how much fun the students had that day.

From Tuesday on, the class has had the math PSSA in the morning, and Main Lesson during our usual extra lesson time. This week we learned all about the lion, and other animals in the large cat family. The class has been working on their writing and illustrations of lions, as pictured above.

Next week we will continue zoology and learn about the wolf and fox. We are also planning to paint the clay sculptures on Friday that students made with Senora Linda. As we have the science PSSA next week, there will still be no homework assigned. If anyone is interested in donating,  our room is in need of sanitzing wipes as well.

Our week

This week the class continued our Zoology unit and also did some review work for our upcoming Math PSSA on Tuesday. This week we continued our work on the bear and finished our writing on Monday. On Tuesday we began to learn about the cow and bull. The students were so surprised to hear that these animals are colorblind, so the red cloth used in bullfighting is not what draws a bull in (it is the movement!).

In math this week the class practiced long division, multiple digit multiplication and fractions. I am excited to report that a lightbulb has clicked for the class with the concept of reducing! We spent a lot of time this week going over and over this idea and drawing a lot of pizzas (and brownies, BLT’s and even matzo). The students are even strengthening their concept of adding fractions with unlike denominators and converting to equivalent fractions.

Today the children had a special treat during Main Lesson. Senora Linda came and had them visualize being a bear. After they were done, they took clay and made their own bear sculptures. The class was completely silent as they worked, as each child spent so much energy concentrating and perfecting their art. They turned out fantastic!

Next week we will be going to the Canal Museum on Monday, and take our Math PSSA on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. We will be working on Chromebooks and putting together our auction item, while also learning about the lion and wolf. It is going to be a busy week!

Zoology Continued

We have had such an exciting week! As we move up in the grades, the traditional Circle changes. Now that the students are at the end of 4th grade, we are replacing our morning circle with movement based activities to center each child and get them ready to work for main lesson. You may have noticed this with the jump roping we have been doing in the morning. This week we went on nature hikes in our woods to not only get their bodies prepared for the day’s lesson but also to prepare them for the vigorous activity that Kroka will provide next month.

This week we began learning about the bear. Students listened to interesting facts about the eight types of bears and really tried to understand the shape of the animal. We did detailed illustrations of a brown bear in our main lesson book, and then sculpted one out of beeswax. Lastly, students wrote about the bear in their books. Next week we will be working with Senora Linda to sculpt a bear out of clay.

The class will also be working on learning all about the cow next week, who was originally scheduled for this week but the bear just seemed to fit us better at the time!


May Faire 5/13

The May Faire is a celebration of May Day, an ancient festival welcoming spring. Circle of Seasons will celebrate with songs, games, and delicious food prepared by our community. Often the center of May celebrations, the maypole bears garlands and is a symbol for the growth of new vegetation and spring life. Classes who are presenting for May Faire will begin the day’s festivities by processing from inside to the school to the maypole with song and dance. This year second grade classes will gather around the pole that is sprawling with greenery and colored ribbons attached to the top. They will learn the weaving dances allowing the rainbow of colors to intertwine or create a braided wave around the pole. This colorful weaving dance is a special part of the coming of Spring. The second graders will be joined by a few other grades classes in presenting various folk dances. Once the maypole and folk dances have concluded, children can enjoy playing games, weaving floral crowns, partaking in wholesome foods and sweets, and playing on the school grounds. Please help us welcome in the springtime weather with fellowship and celebration.

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